Injury resulting in neck pain
I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how finding Dr. Thomas has changed my life.In September 2004 I had a serious fall that resulted in broken front teeth, fractured ribs, bilateral knee injuries and torn ligaments in my neck. I went the traditional medical route, doctor after doctor, for a period of two years, finding no relief from my pain or symptoms. The only remedy the medical profession offered me was medication. I was convinced there were better options but still needed to find them.In searching the web I found Dr. Thomas under alternative therapies for my type of symptoms. I immediately called and made an appointment. I was overwhelmed with the compassion he showed after I told him my story. I remember crying because Dr. Thomas gave me hope in taking back my life and feeling well again. He is so reassuring and his expertise puts me at ease.Dr. Thomas never gives up. He has kept working with me until we got the best possible results. As long as he's there I will be his patient.It has been eight months now and I must say that I fell 90% better.Thank you Dr. Thomas for a job very well done! Ellice Longo Closter, New Jersey

Post surgical pain
​In March 2000 I had back surgery to repair a very painful herniated disk. After 3 months of rehab I was able to return to work. By December of 2000 the pain returned in my back so bad I could hardly put my own socks on. I then received painful steroid injections directly into my spine. This helped for about one month. The pain again returned and continued to worsen.I was advised to have a second surgery to fuse my spine. Then a family member told me about Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic and Dr. Gregory Thomas. Dr. Thomas explained to me how correcting the misalignment in my atlas bone would help to heal my low back problem.I received the recommended treatment and within 2 months I was able to do everything I did before my first surgery. I just wish I knew about A.O. and Dr. Thomas before I had the surgery done.With regular treatment (1-2 visits per month) I have been able toavoid surgery and any invasive procedure for 6 years now. All I can say is: If you need help call Dr. Thomas before considering invasive procedures.  Rich H.New York

Headaches, migraines and numbness
​I would personally like to express my sincere gratitude and overall satisfaction with the practice of Dr. Gregory Thomas. I began receiving treatment after years of intense headaches, migraines, numbness into my upper extremities and pain in my neck and lower back. I heard about Dr. Thomas from a co-worker who received his care and raved about the results.  I decided to give Dr. Thomas a try. I was immediately impressed with his friendly, caring and professional demeanor.After I began Atlas Orthogonal treatment, I almost immediately felt decreased pain in my neck and no longer had the numbness in my upper extremities. The headaches were less frequent and most of all, peace of mind was returned to me. I can honestly state that I experienced dramatic results. As of August 2006 I was virtually pain and symptom free. I was so impressed with his treatment and "bedside manner" that I brought my wife in for treatments. Her sciatica, which she described as "worse than child birth" was minimized by the treatment she received from Dr. Thomas.In addition to his professional expertise and medical knowledge, Dr. Thomas has an exceptional human side. His total commitment to his patients is evident by an incredible sense of care, consideration and compassion. His actions and assistance reach far beyond the norm.I consider Dr. Thomas one of, if not the best, health care professional that I have ever received treatment from.I will continue to highly recommend his services to my family, friends and any one in need of chiropractic care.   Bruce VanNosdall Montgomery, NY

I have suffered, been mis-diagnosed and almost gave up after 12 years of misery. Then I met Dr. Gregory Thomas.I heard through one of his other patients that he was a master at helping people with vertigo. On my first visit Dr. Thomas took X-rays and was able to explain to me where the problem came from. He pointed out that the misalignment of my atlas bone (C1) was causing the vertigo. After just a few treatments I noticed a drastic change for the better! Not only am I free of vertigo for the last 7 months, my anxiety has been decreased about 90%. I am very grateful to Dr. Thomas for giving me my life back. If you have not found help, I highly suggest you call Dr. Thomas today!

 Kim Predmore  Tannersville, PA

Dizziness, lightheadedness and tightness in shoulders
I just wanted to thank you, Dr. Thomas, for helping me with the problems I had when I first visited you.  I spent several years going to other chiropractors and medical doctors that could not help. The main problem of dizziness and lightheaded sensations I was having is gone. The tightness in my neck and shoulder is also gone. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done. I hope others with similar problems will find you. Life is better now, thanks to you Dr. Thomas.  Sincerely,  Jim Battifarano   Mahwah,  NJ

Severe scoliosis, surgical candidate
I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 11 years old. At the age of 13 I was told I needed surgery. I was not comfortable with the recommendation and felt surgery was not the answer for me. I tried traditional chiropractic treatment for several years and discovered it was not the answer for my problem. Finally, I found Dr. Thomas, who practices the Atlas Orthogonal technique. I’ve been going to Dr. Thomas for a few months, and for the first time, I’m noticing a difference in my scoliosis. Before going to Dr. Thomas, I was 4’11”, my hips were uneven and the curve of my scoliosis was noticable. Since beginning Atlas Orthogonal treatment, I have grown an inch, my hips are aligned evenly and the curve of my scoliosis is not as noticeable any more. I feel great now! Finding Dr. Thomas and Atlas Orthogonal was the best thing I could have ever done.   Joan Wanamaker  Mahwah, NJ

Neck, shoulder and low back pain
I have suffered with constant neck and shoulder pain since 1995, and low back pain that radiates into my left leg since 1998. I’ve taken medications and visited many different types of doctors which never seemed to remedy the pain for any appreciable amount of time.A friend of mine mentioned Atlas Orthogonal treatment and referred me to Dr. Thomas in 2004. Dr. Thomas was compassionate and to the necessary time to understand my health situation. The procedure he performed on me was so gentle and painless that I couldn’t believe how it would alleviate my pain. I felt much better immediately after the first adjustment. By my next visit there was no back pain, no numbness or tingling into my toes and the shoulder and neck pain was also gone! I write this letter one year later and report almost no recurrence of neck or low back pain. I feel better than I have in ten years!I highly recommend Dr. Thomas.  Alla Zarrin  Wayne,  NJ

In May 2005, I was rear ended in my car as I waited for the light to turn green. A week later I started to notice a pain in my lower back and right side of my neck. By the end of the second week the pain had become a constant throbbing in my low back. I had trouble sleeping and walking became very painful.Two of my co-workers told me about Dr. Thomas and how he was able to cure them of their back pain. I was reluctant at the time but needed to do something because my condition was worsening. After I met with Dr. Thomas he made me feel comfortable and showed concern for my problems. He explained to me how the Atlas Orthogonal procedure works and I was pessimistic to say the least, but glad I kept the appointment. The equipment he uses barely touches you but within the first 24-48 hours I noticed the throbbing lessened tremendously. Again, trying to be a pessimist I chalked it up to.... well, I couldn’t think of anything. Then, after the next few treatments I noticed there was no more pain and no more Advil. My back has never felt better!Just weeks before, driving was a painful experience and after these few treatments I was able to drive from Oakland, NJ to Hilton Head, S.C. and back, and still feel like a million dollars. The only one who wasn’t so happy was the makers of Advil and that’s just too bad.If you’re like me, a pessimist, give Dr. Thomas a try. You won’t regret it. What do you have to lose but the pain and discomfort you live with from day to day to day. Thank you, Dr. Thomas for giving me my quality of life back. My wife and two very active boys thank you too!  Joe Podolski  Oakland,  NJ 

Spinal misalignment and back pain
I'd like to thank Dr. Thomas for his help in alleviating my physical health problems and the noticeable misalignment of my neck and spine. Before the atlas adjustments, my right hip was slightly raised more than the other and my head tilted to one side. I look better now that my whole body is aligned evenly, and I feel more lively with no pain. I've been to many chiropractors during my life and they only offered temporary relief from the back, shoulder and neck pain I had, and at times caused more pain and headaches. I recommend atlas chiropractic adjustments to anyone seeking help from pain and physical health problems. It was by chance I stumbled on the Atlas Orthogonal procedure and I thank God I found such a valuable health tool. I highly recommend Dr. Thomas, who is a caring and compassionate man.  Carla Kasht   Cliffside Park, NJ

Motor vehicle accident, resulting neck and back pain
I was in a severe accident 30 years ago. As a result, I’ve had back pain, neck pain and one leg shorter than the other. Since learning about Dr. Thomas and receiving treatment from him, my condition has improved dramatically. Dr. Thomas’ concern is about healing the cause and not just treating symptoms. He cares very much about his patients and he is very professional. I would highly recommend Dr. Thomas to anyone, he has truly been blessed.  Bill Seeley   Fort Lee,  NJ 

Sports injuries
I am a 40 year old athlete. I’ve played competitive sports most of my adult life while plagued with back problems. Dr. Thomas has given me a new lease on life as I can now play pain free. I can honestly say that I am playing better now than ever

David McSweeney  Bronxville, NY